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Welcome to BMi

Bethesda Ministries International is an enthusiastic, relational group of Pentecostal churches and ministries. Although each church is autonomous (self governing) they are committed to relating with one another in a close relationship. The fulfilment of each church’s God-given vision is enhanced through the strength of relationship between ministers and their churches.

BMi churches and ministries believe in the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit working in and amongst our people. We believe that God works amongst His people through the Holy Spirit sanctifying and equipping them for service in the kingdom of God. We are committed to the biblical principle of unity as a fundamental outworking of our faith in Jesus Christ.

Our history

Bethesda Ministries International began as Bethesda Movement in 1985 as a number of non-aligned churches requested Pastor Peter Vacca to form a fellowship of churches. Pastor Vacca’s heart was to provide apostolic leadership for churches and ministries based in his understanding of the ministry gifts found in Ephesians 4:11. Although Peter stepped down as President of BMi some years ago he still continues to function in his ministry as an apostle across many denominations, with the blessing of BMi churches and ministries, who honour him as the founder of BMi.

21 October 2019
Registrations are now open for Christians in a Pagan World - our 2020 Summer School in January. Don’t forget earlybird closes Friday 6 December. Register online here.

15 Mar 2019
Highlands Christian Church has begun the MHCD Luvungi Education Fund, supporting education in DR Congo. This is a great opportunity to directly help children in poverty to attend school. Download the brochure here.

14 Feb 2019
More great newsy news from MPFG in the Philippines. Read all about it here.

17 Mar 2018
MPFG in the Philippines have released their latest newsletter. Check it out here.

14 Nov 2017
Donations are now being taken for the MPFG Christmas Giving campaign, assisting families and children in the Philippines. Find out all the information here.

1 Sept 2017
Heartbeat is back again with reports from Africa and the Philippines, plus an exciting new young leaders initiative from Darren Hessenberger. Download it here.

20 April 2017
MPFG in the Philippines have released their latest newsletter. Check it out here.

14 March 2017
The first edition of Heartbeat for 2017 has arrived with a new look and reports from the Summer School and the latest India visit. Find it here.

10 August 2016
The August edition of Heartbeat is here, complete with a full report of the NLG as well as news from Africa, Philippines and the local Cheltenham cinema. Click here to download.

12 July 2016
It may not be summer, but Summer School earlybird registrations are now open. Preach the Word is the theme. Register online here.

12 May 2016
Heartbeat makes its first appearance for 2016, including news from January’s Summer School and another update from the Philippines. Download it here.

14 December 2015
Kingdom Thoughts for December has just been released, titled Understanding the times. Download it here.

16 November 2015
John Nardusso reports on the Philippines in the November edition of Heartbeat. Click here to download.

21 October 2015
Are you worried about the state of the world today? Kingdom Thoughts has some solutions here.

23 June 2015
The latest edition of Heartbeat is now available. Click here to download it and read the latest news from Africa and India.

27 May 2015
Sola Scriptura or Solo Scriptura? More insight on scripture and tradition from Chris Whiting in May’s Kingdom Thoughts. Click here to download.

28 April 2015
Chris Whiting continues his series on scripture and tradition in this month's Kingdom Thoughts. Click here to download.

4 March 2015
Fresh from the 2015 Summer School, Chris Whiting has penned some excellent Kingdom Thoughts concerning scripture and traditions. Check it out here.

18 February 2015
The BMi office has a new phone number! Please amend your records to (02) 6112 8527 - or for our international friends +61 2 6112 8527. Fax, email, web and all other contact details remain the same.

2 February 2015
MPFG in the Philippines have released their latest newsletter. Check it out here.

16 January 2015
Happy New Year! Check out the NLT’s themes for 2015 in the latest edition of Kingdom Thoughts. Get it here.

19 December 2014
A special Christmas edition of Kingdom Thoughts is now available - Click here to download it.

3 December 2014
The latest edition of Heartbeat is out! Click here to download it and read about the latest news from around the BMi family.

25 November 2014
No Turning Back is the theme for the 2015 National Leaders Gathering in Grindelwald, Tasmania. Online and paper registrations are now available at https://www.bmi.org.au/nlg. Sounds like a great time of moving forward!

18 November 2014
What does God’s Word mean to you? November Kingdom Thoughts is now available for download here or on the resources page.

28 October 2014
Kingdom Thoughts for October is now available for download, with a story or two from Africa. View it here or on the resources page.

27 October 2014
Online registration for the BMi Summer School 2015 is now available and all are encouraged to attend. The theme is The Church and it will be held from 19-23 January at the new HOTRock building in New Gisborne, Vic. Access the registration details here.

22 August 2014
Kingdom Thoughts for August is available for download, titled ‘Rightly Dividing’. Is it a maths lesson? Or is it something else? Find out here or on the resources page.

16 July 2014
Kingdom Thoughts for July is available for download, featuring Stuart Townend’s hymn ‘In Christ Alone’. Download it here or on the resources page.

26 June 2014
Details and registration forms are now available for our 2015 Summer School, with the theme The Church. Download the brochure here.

24 June 2014
Kingdom Thoughts for June is finally available - who knew the alphabet had such meaning? Download it here.

6 May 2014
Another issue of Kingdom Thoughts is now available - if you don’t have it in your inbox you can download it here.

5 May 2014
BMi has launched a ‘Project Register’ which is a list of all BMi projects with their specific needs for finance, practical/trade support, or simply prayer support. We encourage all churches to participate - see the details here or contact the office for more information.

30 April 2014
Congratulations to Joe and Primrose Chavez on the launch of their new church headquarters in Bacolod City in the Philippines. National Leader Peter Frogley (along with his grandson) is there to assist with the celebrations, and Kevin Donohue’s Australian team is also in attendance. We look forward to hearing more great news from these guys.

17 April 2014
The NLT along with the National Office has launched a new simplified website layout which will hopefully be easier to manage for everyone. Watch this space for regular updates on anything and everything around BMi.