Building Together in the BMi Family

The Project Register provides a listing and information on all projects for all BMi churches, both in Australia and internationally.


The Project Register exists to provide information to all our churches of project plans throughout BMi. Each church can then assess the proposed projects and firstly pray for them and secondly have information available to present to their leaderships when considering future mission and outreach giving and participation.


Churches are asked to provide basic information relating to any projects they are planning (or even have begun) that they wish to be considered for the Project Register. Registration of projects is not obligatory, and indeed some projects will be quite small and may not be appropriate for the Register.

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The database of projects is administered through the BMi office, and detailed information on projects is available from the office.

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The BMi National Leadership Team is responsible to review submitted projects and ensure they are viable before placing them on the Project Register. The NLT will also monitor projects to ensure satisfactory completion.

How to give to a project

If your church is eager to give to a particular project on the register, donations can be sent through the BMi office in conjunction with the levy form, or by sending your donation to the office clearly marked with the project name. If you require more detailed information for decision making, please contact the office.